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When buying a car from platforms like Copart or IAAI in the USA, it’s important to understand the history of the vehicle you’re interested in. Car history services provide valuable information about a vehicle’s past, which can help you make an informed purchasing decision. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Vehicle History Report: This report provides a detailed account of a vehicle’s past, including its ownership history, accident history, title information, odometer readings, flood or salvage history, and more. Services like Carfax, AutoCheck, and VinAudit offer comprehensive vehicle history reports.
  • Title Check: It’s crucial to check the vehicle’s title status. A clean title indicates that the vehicle has not been significantly damaged or involved in serious accidents. Salvage or rebuilt titles suggest that the vehicle has been extensively repaired after significant damage.
  • Accident History: Car history services can provide information about any accidents the vehicle has been involved in. This may include details about the severity of the accidents, whether airbags were deployed, and if the vehicle was deemed a total loss.
  • Odometer Readings: The reported mileage on a vehicle can give you an idea of how much wear and tear it has undergone. An unusually low or high mileage for the age of the vehicle could be a red flag.


  • Flood or Fire Damage: These types of damage can have long-lasting effects on a vehicle’s integrity and safety. Car history services can reveal if a vehicle has been involved in such incidents.
  • Lien and Loan Information: It’s important to check if there are any outstanding loans or liens on the vehicle. This information will let you know if there are any financial obligations associated with the car.
  • Recall Information: Some car history services provide information about recalls that may have been issued for the vehicle. This can be important for safety and maintenance considerations.
  • Service and Maintenance Records: While not always included in standard vehicle history reports, some services may provide information about the vehicle’s maintenance history. This can give you insight into how well the vehicle has been cared for.

When buying a car from a salvage auction like Copart or IAAI, it’s especially important to be thorough in your research, as these vehicles have typically been involved in accidents or other incidents. Consider having a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle in person before making a purchase.

Remember, while car history reports provide valuable information, they may not catch every detail about a vehicle’s past. It’s always a good idea to combine this information with a thorough visual inspection and, if possible, a test drive.

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